Business support

Services of real estate department

  • Brokerage
  • Registration of permits for construction
  • Physical area capabilities study for understanding of building possibility
  • Area’s economic potential study; composition of population, its needs, level of income and expenditures, pent-up demand, consumer habits
  • Competitive environment study
  • Assistance in deals with real estate, representing the interests of the client in negotiations

Financial Department Services

  • The analysis and control of financial and economic condition of the enterprise
  • Participating in determination of price cost and profitability
  • Determining the need in current assets and calculation of accounting standards, planning for the acceleration of their turnover
  • Work on finding funds and borrowing loans, the cooperation with the credit institutions
  • Determination and implementation of investment policy
  • Participation in the development and approval of a plan of capital investments, identification of funding sources
  • Accounting of movements of funds and reporting on financial performance

Law and Jurisprudence Departmnet Services

  • Representarion company’s interests in court and other institutions dealing with legal questions
  • Verification of compliance the requirements of legislation of internal company documents, assisting in the preparation and processing of documents
  • Preparation of contracts, legal support of the conclusion and execution of documents
  • Legal support of accounting department
  • Preparation projects of documents for the state registration of amendments to the constituent documents
  • Attending staff consultation about legal issues
  • Preparation materials on violations at the company for the investigation, the judicial authorities, as well as measuring the rate of compensation
  • Providing information on the new legislation, the organization of workers studying regulations related to their activities
  • Registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities

Marketing and advertisement department’s services:

  • Carrying out of research and prognostication for market situation analysis
  • Creation and performance of programs and activities for an enterprise’s goods and activities promotion, sale promotion
  • Choice of forms and methods of promotion in mass media, media planning
  • Performance of control, planning and estimation of advertisement activity effectiveness
  • Marketing control over an enterprise
  • Consumer satisfactory estimation
  • Determination and choice of the most profitable consumer market segments and creation of suggestions regarding the steps of work with them
  • Advertisement strategy design for new markets and consumers attraction
  • Goods and services competitiveness analysis
  • Conjuncture and capacity investigation of the market
  • Working out of prognoses of demand for goods and services. Business rival’s important advantages monitoring
  • Creation and implementation support for strategic and operational marketing planning
  • Partaking in coordination of plans for new goods and services and realization start
  • Pricing and distribution channels planning on an enterprise

Personnel management services:

  • Quick and qualified search of middle and top management staff
  • The assessment and psychological testing of the applicants and employees
  • Drawing up a company's legal statements
  • Organising staff retraining
  • Auditing (personnel documentation expertise)
  • Analising the market of labour and monitoring salaries
  • Total or partial supervising of the paper work (outsorting)
  • Counselling the issues of Labour Law and record keeping

IT-department services:

  • Assortment, ordering, delivery and adjustment of the equipment
  • Install, upgrade hardware and software maintenance
  • Immediate correction of faults and failures of hardware and software companies
  • Security in the local network, neutralizing viruses

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The basic activity principles of the company are:

  • Individual approach
  • Responsibility
  • Performance of works in optimal terms

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